So Many Dudes

Short episode this week as Justin and Sadie recap CSW's Halloween Slam Bash, talk about video game streaming on twitch and how much cancer sucks. Check in with us next week (BONUS EPISODE!) when we recap WWE Evolution with some special guests. 


Cease and Desist

Justin and Sadie recap last weekend's Primos show, Karnival, including  fan interactions, personal grooming habits, and face paint-- and talk about what to expect this weekend at Colorado Springs Wrestling. 


Justin and Sadie recap Primos UnFILTERed, look ahead to next week's #hardcoredoubleshot, and talk Halloween costume ideas. Bonus: Listener Mail!

Flashback Friday

Justin recaps the last show, then talks to his long-time friend John about how wrestling brought them together and  their backyard/basement wrestling adventures, then do a  SummerSlam recap. 

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